Sponsored Posts on The Batavian


A sponsored post acts just like any other post to the site. It starts at the top of the home page and as new content is posted, it rolls down the page.

It will be seen by the vast majority of site visitors because readers tend to start at the top of the home page, with the most recent news and scroll down until they find the last item they read during their previous visit.

There are 20 posts on the home page. Your ad will be on the home page until the 21st post after your ad goes up. This usually means it will be on the home page for two or three days.

Your sponsored post can be a graphic, such as those to the left, or text.  Typically, text posts jump after the first two paragraphs.

The sponsored post also appeared in our Facebook news feed, which has more than 7,200 followers.

The current rate is $100 per post.

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