Keep your message fresh with editable ads

edadspromoResearch and experience shows that online advertisers who change the message of their ads frequently reap greater rewards.
Ads that are fresh:

  • Are noticed more often by site viewers
  • Receive more clicks
  • Do better at reinforcing brand awareness

Editable ads allow you to change the message of your ad any time you like. There’s no need to e-mail our staff and wait for a change. Your changes are live on The Batavian instantly.

Change your ad frequently to reflect:

  • Hourly or daily specials
  • Coupon specials
  • New inventory
  • Introduce a new employee
  • Share a favorite quote
  • Ask an opinion
  • Advertising new rates
  • … use your imagination

Market your business with Shop Batavia

shopbataviapromoShop Batavia is Genesee County’s only locally owned, locally focused full-service directory of local businesses. And it’s backed by the marketing power of The Batavian.

With Shop Batavia, you have an always-on channel to promote your business locally. You can sell directly to local buyers 24/7 and showcase your best products even when your doors are closed.

Shop Batavia provides you with easy-to-use tools to attract new customers with popular discount programs.

With Shop Batavia, you can also build direct marketing tools, such as e-mail newsletters, and stay in regular contact with your best customers. There’s a calendar for you to post your special events. Restaurants can post menus. Customers can create gift registries and shopping lists. Shop Batavia can be linked to Facebook and Twitter. Your listing also appears in popular search engines.

Here’s what’s available FREE for local businesses:

  •  Up to five items of merchandise at a time in the Marketplace
  • E-mail newsletter with up to 25 subscribers
  • One coupon per month
  • Five promotional photos
  • One-page menu
  • Gift certificates sale (15-percent fee on each sale)

Upgrade packages available
            more features and benefits:

Value Package: $47 per month/$495 per year
Max Package: $97 per month/$995 per year