Local business marketing

The Batavian offers a full range of promotional opportunities for local businesses, both online and in print. Local businesses can advertising with Genesee County's #1 web site or tap into our marketing expertise for help with online and print promotions.

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  • Community coverage

    Community coverage



The Batavian is Genesee County's #1 online news source and the most trusted agency locally for online promotions and marketing.
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The Batavian combines incredible local audience reach with sponsorship prices and options to fit the needs and budgets of any local business.
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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts on The Batavian are a highly effective strategy for local businesses to reach thousands of local people at an affordable rate.
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Social Media

Social Media

The Batavian offers the best options available locally for increasing social media marketing.
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Our Latest Ad Features

It’s a new year and we have a few NEW ad options to show off!

The Scratch Off Ad

Just like a lottery scratch-off! Specify a front image that can be scratched and an optional back image that will display underneath the scratched area. The Flipper
ReedEyeFlip1 ReedEyeFlip2

A banner ad that, when hovered over, will “flip” to reveal its other side, which is a second banner ad. Impressive and fun. Note: Uses cutting edge browser features, so Internet Explorer < 10 won’t work well.

The Coupon Ad

Create a cutout-style coupon to promote a sale or event. When your users click on it, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly page where they can print the page or keep it handy on their mobile device.

Six-Month Locally Owned Business Promotion Special!

For a limited time, we’re extending a special offer to new sponsors,
or a chance for existing sponsors to upgrade their presence of The Batavian.
SAMPLE: Sponsored Post
LarryAnnversarySP.Post  Pullysthree

The package consists of a box ad appearing on The Batavian every day for six months and 12 (twice a month) sponsored posts.
The rate-card value of this package is $2,700.

With your upfront payment, the package is available for $2,200.
This offer is limited to the first five locally owned business who respond to this offer.

Sponsored Posts: The ideal way to draw attention to sales, promotions and special events.
Put your promotional message front and center of thousands of Genesee County residents

Box Ad: The most flexible ad unit that runs daily on the home page (and every page) of The Batavian. Great for both brand building and highlighting ongoing promotions.

The Batavian is the GLOW region’s most visited web site for news and information, reaching from 10,000 to 14,000 area residents daily.